Saturday, September 25, 2010

I must be blind.......

"I honestly don't know how people can exist without friendship. People to share their secrets, hopes and dreams. Also people who will share humiliation, shame and loss.... Friendship need have nothing to do with coming from the same background and sharing all the same interests. A friendship can grow on the most unlikely and barren ground.: - Mauve Binchey

It's funny how you think you know people.
Yet it takes others to point it out to you.
Life is so short, treasure your friends.


  1. You're a friend indeed! I'll never forget the good time, and all the trouble you went to make it so, you gave me when I was in Melbourne. You made a friend for life in me.

  2. Thank you Carol, that means a lot to me, and like wise, I will always treasure the good time we had.