Saturday, August 28, 2010

Class with Gloria Loughman

Last Monday I spent the day doing a class with Gloria Loughman called "Colour Fusion".
I am not the best at picking colours as I have always been an Autumn toned person.
After going through my Batiks, I came up with a range of fabric that came close to autumn tones with a few extras thrown in. I still couldn't bring myself to go out on a limb and pick something that was not me.
Perhaps in time I might be able to achieve a colour range way out of my league.
eg purples.
Gloria showed us how to use a colour wheel, showing how opposites work and compatible shades of colour. It was her simple explanation and guide that finally made my brain register "now I understand how it works".

After cutting out strips with a curved edge, I layered them to try and form some sort of a pattern.

Gloria also demonstrated paintwork. In the class, we could work on a landscape, but I decided to go for the abstract type of wallhaging.

My final piece.
I am really pleased with it.
Many thanks Gloria for a wonderful day, you were so gracious and giving of your knowledge.
I look forward to doing another class with you.


  1. Looks good Jenni - not a bit like your usual work. Well done!

  2. Wow! I love your final piece! Sounds like a great workshop.

  3. A beautiful piece of work Jenni. I'm hoping to do a workshop with her next year.

  4. Jenni love the look you have achieved hope you do more