Friday, July 16, 2010

Houston we have a Problem....

The Houston Quilt Festival class catalogues were posted off to us on the 8th July.
I am still waiting for mine to arrive.
Very frustrating.
The classes etc. will be posted on line Friday, Houston time. I have worked out the clock to be sitting at the computer eagerly waiting.
Received a parcel from Hancocks in Paducah yesterday, with the Civil War fabric I ordered for the backing of my Dear Hannah quilt. A real bargain!! Mind you it was posted after the 8th.
As my dear Mum would say in a very stern voice -
"have patience, things come to those who wait".
Yes Mum.


  1. Hope you get the classes you want - would love to be carrying your suitcase!

  2. Wow the cival war fabrics sound really exciting, will we see pics???