Friday, July 30, 2010

Spring Buds

Spring is on it's way.
My first daffodil, iris and freesia are in bud.

Daffodils are my favourite bulb. I wanted to have Daffy's in my Wedding Bouquet but was told by the florist that it was unlucky.
I have different coloured iris, mauve, apricot, yellow, burgundy and brown.
This purple one was taken from my parent's garden when we sold their home last year, after they went into a nursing home. It is very special to me.

I love the smell of the old fashioned freesias. They have multiplied in my garden and when they flower, I have vases of them in my home. Who needs air freshener when you have freesias.
Mum loved gardening and flowers. I organised a surprise afternoon tea for her 80th and when I was asked about a gift, I said Mum would love a small bunch of flowers picked out of her friends garden. She could have opened florist shop with all the flowers she received, Mum was so thrilled.

The Artist's Notebook Project

Carol put me onto this project and I am looking forward to working on it.
The concept is designed by FIRBRE ARTS AUSTRALIA
"A notebook is a place to put your heart and soul".
We are sent a blank A5 spiral bound, 120 page, acid free notebook.
"What do I do after I get my notebook"
"Have fun! The project is meant to act as an inspiration for you, not stress. Create something wonderful, try out some new techniques, or just make a mark! You have until March 2011 to do what you want to do in your book. When you are done, mail it back."
In 2011 there will be 3 Fibre Arts Exhibitions and the notebooks will be displayed.
One of the classes I have enrolled in at Houston, is creating a covered sketchbook, this will come in handy for this project. So hopefully I will learn something.
Thanks Carol.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Fungi ATC's

Our July Theme for ATC-WDU was to interpret a photo of a tree branch with Fungi growing on it, that one of our members posted on our group site.
Mary asked for me to make another one to swap with her.

This was sent to my swap partner Sandra.
The stamps are Bulgarian. I found a set of them in my childhood stamp album.
Don't ever throw anything away, you never know when you might need something.


It was a beautiful day yesterday, we went for a drive and ended up at Kyneton, for a bowl of pumpkin and pear soup with crusty bread for lunch.
Kyneton is full of old buildings with wrought iron lace, bluestone, lots of cafes, galleries and nic nac shops.

This beautiful memorial was made for the Black Saturday Bush fires, 7 Febrary 2009.
Each mosaic leaf was made with love for the 173 victims.
The leaves were made up of broken china, beads, stones, glass and photographs.

Found this old building in the main street. The tiles reminded me of the front porch of my Grandmother's home in Manly NSW. I used to play a type of hopscotch on the front porch.

Old gate at St Pauls Anglican Church. I love old wrought iron gates.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Weekend with Lisa Walton

I had a busy weekend just gone. Saturday was spent at our Geelong Guild meeting.
Lisa Walton from "Dyed and Gone to Heaven" was our guest speaker. Thoroughly enjoyed her talk and visit, a lovely lady.
Sunday was spent all day at her "Aurora" workshop. I am not a pink/purple person, so chose that colour combination as a challenge. The day was filled with lots of tips that will certainly make life a lot easier when quilting.
After sewing the borders onto the piece we set about quilting it (I have a long way to go).
Lisa then sat us down to a session of beading and we made samples of different bead work.
I have never been all that keen on beading, but with the great instructions, I have found a new love.
We were also shown bobbin work. I had been a little nervous of doing this, didn't want to wreck the new sewing machine, but with the simple instructions, it is not that intimidating after all.
It was interesting to hear and see what can be used in bobbins, I had never thought to use some of the suggestions Lisa gave us. My eyes have been opened wide.
I was lucky that Lisa used my sewing machine for each demo as she has the same model. So I know that it will work.
My postcards, journals and ATC's will now take on a new look.
Next came the reels of glittering threads. All that sparkle made me want to just stroke them.
Lots of oohs and aahs.
At the Craft shows I will certainly now focus on threads.
No doubt my case will come home from Houston with reels rolling all around.
Many thanks Lisa for a great weekend.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Classes Picked

"Yes Mum, I have to be even more patient now,
will find out in a month or so if I am lucky to get into the classes I have chosen."
The class catalogue for Houston came on line at 3pm our time (midnight Houston time).
I haven't chosen too much as I would like to have time do some more exploring of the city.
Last time I visited the Aquarium, Museum of Natural History, walked some of the underground tunnels linking the city buildings. Shopped at the massive Galleria Plaza.
NASA is on the to do list, DH needs a need mug, the last one I bought him 4 years ago is about to give way in the handle.
I have chosen 2 all day classes, "Fabric & Stitch Collage" and "The Patchwork Quilt Sketchbook".
Picked a day tour Shop Hop, a luncheon/lecture of Lesley Riley, Mixed Media Textile Sampler session and a few other lectures and bits and pieces.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Houston we have a Problem....

The Houston Quilt Festival class catalogues were posted off to us on the 8th July.
I am still waiting for mine to arrive.
Very frustrating.
The classes etc. will be posted on line Friday, Houston time. I have worked out the clock to be sitting at the computer eagerly waiting.
Received a parcel from Hancocks in Paducah yesterday, with the Civil War fabric I ordered for the backing of my Dear Hannah quilt. A real bargain!! Mind you it was posted after the 8th.
As my dear Mum would say in a very stern voice -
"have patience, things come to those who wait".
Yes Mum.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Baby Quilt No 2....

...has been quilted and given.
Ruby Alexander Bailey was born on Friday evening.
2 quilts down and 1 to go.