Sunday, May 30, 2010


Garlic, Combo Lettuce, Mint, Coriander, Oregano, Parsley, Thyme, Dill, Chives.

Waverley Patchworkers Exhibition

I called into the Waverley Patchworkers Exhibition this morning at Mt Waverley.
The quilts were all beautiful and it was lovely to see the quilts hang straight with no puckering on the edges.
Congratulations to all the quilters and the committee, an excellent exhibition.
There are some clever quilters in their Guild. The variety of quilts were wonderful.
The venue was great and I thoroughly enjoyed the little piece of chocolate hedgehog slice with a cup of nice hot tea.
Did a little damage to the credit card. Finally bought one of those bobbin stands to slide my full bobbins into. Sick of the little case I have at the moment, all the threads become tangled and undone. Also picked up a book for a jelly roll of Batiks that I have in my stash.
Came home via Poyntons Nursery where we bought some more herbs and a punnet of Sweet Peas. Forgot to plants my seeds on St. Patricks Day.
Now it's outside to plant everything.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Dear Hannah Progress

It's getting there.

Look what I got for Mothers' Day

For those who are close to me, they know that I am a plane spotter and a lover of Qantas planes.
My daughter, The F1/V8 Rev Head, got John Travolta's autograph on the front cover of her F1 2010 program and his photo.
She had them framed for me for Mothers' Day.
She spends 4 days at the Grand Prix collecting the drivers autographs in her program and for her to hand over her program book, was a very big thing.
She has spoilt me, she even sent me flowers at the Bathurst Retreat.
I feel that everyday should be Mothers'/Fathers' Day, like Valentines Day, you don't need a special day to tell someone you love them and be nice to them.
Everyday should be that day and that is the way we have brought our daughter up.
Thank you Emma

Friday, May 21, 2010

Whisper Postcard No 2

top Marg, middle mine, bottom Cathy
My Whisper Postcards have arrived.
The original photo was of a pink flower growing in the red desert in the outback.
Isn't it amazing how things change along the way.
There were 5 in the group and I was No 4.
I picked up the colour of red and the flowers in Marg's postcard and Cathy in turn picked up on the black and white fabric.
Looking forward to another swap.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

More Bathurst Bits n' Pieces

The Shop Hop took us to Bathurst, Milford (?) and Orange.
Found this seat in the main street of one of the towns.
Letterbox on Conrod Straight in Bathurst.

These windmills were the table centrepieces for the Saturday night dinner.
Pretty sure the majority of them were snapped up and taken home packed in suitcases in cars and planes.

The colours were amazing and as you see in the background, the weather was perfect for sitting in the sun and sewing.
Can honestly say, that all those quilters at the retreat received their fair share of Vitamin D intake.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bathurst Goodies

I came home with some great goodies.
Many thanks to the sponsors (whom I will personally thank with an email).
I was lucky to win a pack of fat 1/4's in the swap, in shades of pink.
These will be made into Quilts of Love for the Geelong Guild.
I also won a pack of fat 1/4's with a lucky number raffle ticket.
The other bits and pieces were also lucky draws, in the complimentary show bag from Madera on the shop hop and a present on the table at the Saturday night dinner.
This is one very hungry little piggy. She has already eaten several gold coins.

I hope she doesn't have a problem with indigestion, she will be fed regularly until the next retreat comes around.

Things I purchased on the shop hop.
Picked up some background fabrics for my ATC's and postcards.
Have been collecting Batiks, some more to add to the collection.
I love little notebooks and notepads, couldn't resist this little one to put in my handbag.
A fat 1/4 for the May ATC swap - "In the Blues".
Fell in love with the pink fabric at the back with the white flowers.
Don't know what I will do with it, but sometimes you feel you just have to have it.
(I wish Jeanette hadn't shown it to me).

Southern Cross Quilters Bathurst Retreat, N.S.W.

Over the past 5 days, I attended the Scquilters Retreat in Bathurst, N.S.W.
The committee did the most amazing job at organising this get away.
The theme of the retreat was "country" Flanelette shirts, jeans and no jewelery was the order for the dress code.
One of the challenges was to dress the little stick figure we found in the bottom of our fabric "show bags".

Bathurst is 3 hours from Sydney, heading west via the Blue Mountains.
The highlight of the drive up was the colour of the Autumn trees that had changed over the last few weeks. Colours from Gold - Red - Orange - Burgundy.
Thank you to the committee for a fantastic time away. It was great to meet up with old friends and meet new ones.

Scquilters Retreat - part 2

What we woke up to each morning.
The town was covered in a layer of fog with the clearest of blue sky. The mornings were brisk, with the decking covered in ice.
We were so blessed with the weather.
One of the challenges of the retreat was to make a quilt using old flannel shirts.
Just a few them, very clever.

What would Bathurst be, without a lap of the Bathurst car circuit.
It takes 1.5 hours to walk the track.
The V8 cars get up to 300kph, but we could only do it at 60 kph.
I have a greater respect for Craig Lowndes now.

The colours of the trees were amazing.

Paul Frank Thomas
5 July 1924 - 1 May 2010
Love you and miss you Dad.
Now with Mum.