Friday, April 30, 2010


Attended the AQC yesterday at the Royal Exhibition Buildings in Carlton. It was a great day to catch up with fellow quilters that I hadn't seen in a while.
Didn't do a great deal of buying.
I think I am at the stage of my quilting that fabric and big quilts are not on my agenda.
I am now into the textile side of things and majority of the shops were catering for the new quilter and those still into the quilt side of things.

This building has the most amazing ceilings and painted walls. A truly beautiful sight.
I never tire of looking up at the ceilings.

Must stand to the side next time. Too busy looking up and ran into several ladies, they were not impressed.

I was on White Glove duty for a couple of hours. I was surprised at how many quilters were interested in the reverse side of them. We have some very clever quilters in Australia.
Apart from the usual traditional, I noticed there is a turn towards the Art Quilts.
Also textiles on quilts are becoming popular.
I might even go again on the weekend to sit and listen to the talks, something I missed out on yesterday.

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  1. You are my AQC eyes and ears. Keep the posts coming. That ceiling is so amazing, you'll have a stiff neck before you're finished. What a great venue. Looking forward to hearing how you find being teacher's pet to Rosalie Dace, too.