Sunday, March 28, 2010

Nothing to do with Quilting

For those who are close to me, they know I have a passion for aeroplanes, especially Qantas 747's (Jumbos). I have the front cover of a Qantas inflight magazine with John Travolta on it, up in my sewing room. He is the Ambassador for Qantas.
Well...... my dear daughter has just phoned me to say that she got his autograph and photos at the Grand Prix. She is a Ferrari rev head, all dressed in the gear and she got John's autograph for me.
She knows I followed David Coulthard in F1 until he retired last year, she got his also.
I sometimes feel that we are taken for granted at times by our kids, but it's little things like this that my day and make me feel so special.
Thank you Emma.
I apologise to the people in Bunnings for my jumping up and down with excitement when she phoned.


  1. How exciting! I have just spoken to my oldest who has a weekend pass and was heading out the door. I am so jealous - he has seats and drinks (tickets courtesy of one of his friends who is a Grid girl!)
    Last night he was drinking with the Red Bull engineers. Suggested we look closely at them today - many will be very hungover!

  2. I am jealous also. Emma buys a 4 day pass each year, she should have been born a guy. Mind you there are more female followers than male!!! Hope you are well M-A.

  3. Whoops - meant to also add: we have an affinity with the Ferrari team (six degrees!) -Chris Dyer, engineer with the Ferrari team, used to live in this house when he was a teenager. His bedroom is my oldest son's bedroom (on the rare occasion he comes home)

  4. How lucky are you, and sometimes we take our kids for granted and don't give them the credit to 'think', but then we wouldn't get the surprise.....