Sunday, March 28, 2010

Nothing to do with Quilting

For those who are close to me, they know I have a passion for aeroplanes, especially Qantas 747's (Jumbos). I have the front cover of a Qantas inflight magazine with John Travolta on it, up in my sewing room. He is the Ambassador for Qantas.
Well...... my dear daughter has just phoned me to say that she got his autograph and photos at the Grand Prix. She is a Ferrari rev head, all dressed in the gear and she got John's autograph for me.
She knows I followed David Coulthard in F1 until he retired last year, she got his also.
I sometimes feel that we are taken for granted at times by our kids, but it's little things like this that my day and make me feel so special.
Thank you Emma.
I apologise to the people in Bunnings for my jumping up and down with excitement when she phoned.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Media Challenge - Interpret This

I have entered into a "Media Challenge - Interpret This" for a local Guild.
Given a page out of a magazine and have to make an A3 size quilt.
"Your quilt must be your interpretation of what the magazine page you have been given represents".
Do I pick up on the eggs, the page title, the statement re the buttered toast soldiers or go with the meaning of eggs at Easter? Perhaps the "perfect little package for any meal, not just breakfast".
I have an idea - my new theory - make the first thing that comes to mind.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's finished...

I have finished my Red Delicious quilt.
Thank you Esther for your Block of the Month. I really enjoyed making it.
Photo wise, it is hung in the dining room and unfortunately have to lean over the dining table to take a shot, that's why it looks wonky.
One more project to cross off my Scquilters CBD UFO list.
How many more to go.....................

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Windy on top of the Mountain. We landed on the glacier at Milford Sound, adrenalin rush but I was so scared. Held onto John in case I was going to fall off.

Autumn has started to arrive. We did 2 trains trips, the Trans Alpine (Christchurch to Greymouth) and the Trans Scenic (Christchurch to Picton) then the ferry to Wellington. Amazing scenery on both days.

John loves Lighthouses.

Monday, March 22, 2010

NZ - More Bits and Pieces

Beautiful tiled walls along a narrow street in the heart of Christchurch

I did manage to get to one Quilt Exhibition, but was only allowed to photograph the advertising board. Excellent exhibition of small art quilts.

Exhibition of the NZ and Invercargil Embroiders Guild. Beautiful old sampler pieces. Came across the exhibition by chance as it was teaming with rain and we walked into the museum for shelter.
It's amazing what you find when you least expect it.

Found these 3 little pigs in a laneway in Arrowtown, I wanted to take one home but they weren't for sale. They were made of various pieces of corrugated iron and tin.

NZ - Bits and Pieces

Aliens.... I'd like to see that!!!
Beautiful stained glass window at the Sir Edmund Hilary Museum at Mt Cook

If I saw one of these on the top of my car, I would be a candidate for the F1 Grand Prix.

Spotted this old bike outside the German Bakery in Omaru

The tiled floor of the Christchurch Railway Station.

NZ - Animal and Nature

This little guy was sunning himself amongst hundreds of birds.

We did a lot of walking, especially through the Nature Reserves. The ferns and moss growing in these areas were beautiful. We walked to several waterfalls. A photographers dream

I was amazed at how this penguin clung to the side of the cliff at Omaru, we were nearly blown off, the wind and rain were horrific. I should have taken a lesson out of his book and spread my arms like him to keep my balance.

New Zealand - part 1

Milford Sound
Arrived home last night from a wonderful 2 weeks driving around the South Island. Icebergs at Mt Cook

What struck me the most, was the amazing colours of the scenery. As we came around every corner there was the most beautiful scenery.

Punting on the Avon River, Christchurch

Sunset at Lake Tekapo
We drove 2,500 kms and enjoyed every moment of it.
Met some wonderful people from all over the world.
There were some great highlights to the holiday, but I think the most memorable was a surprise helicopter ride over Milford Sound. We landed on a glacier, the air was so crisp and the snow was crunchy underfoot. Mind you I was terrified, but now I can say I have been in a helicopter. I felt like I was on a ride in Disneyland.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Thinking back.....

I was reading the Notebook magazine over a cuppa and there were several articles on craft made as a child. After reading them I thought of all the things I made as a little girl.
My mother used to say I could do anything with my hands but not with my brain.
I loved art at school, especially pen and ink drawing.
I remember making little dolls out of the wooden clothes pegs and those paper ones that you had to cut the clothing out of paper and dress them.
My grandmother taught me to cross stitch and knit at 5 years old. We had a second garage in the backyard, I would collect large storage boxes and fruit crates and make them into the galley of an aeroplane and pretend I was an air hostess. My Dad worked for an airline and he would bring me home the TAA serving trays and cutlery.
On rainy days Mum would give me the old large round mat and I would put rocks under it to make hills and valleys and use my brother's match box cars, make roads and a city out of cartons.
Mrs Gash across the road had a Mulberry tree and I would squash the fruit and rub it into fabric to dye it. Mostly I would end up having more red on me than the fabric. I had a Chocolate box with sikworms and cocoons, who would think that I am using them again 40 odd years later.
All this was done whilst I was in Primary School, and then boys came along....
I have a passion for notebooks, tins and nic nacs. There is something about the feel of a new exercise book as you open up the cover to the brand new first page. I bought myself a set of 72 Derwents for my 40th birthday.
It wasn't until I was married that it all came back and I started quilting. There is comfort in using your hands, but Mum I do need my brains to work out patterns, measurements etc.

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Box

It has taken me 2 years to fill The Box.
I can now say that I have only 1 block to go on my Dear Hannah Quilt.
And, gee what an effort to get that last block done, but it will be done.
Each row has been settled into a freezer bag ready to be put together.
Then, the border triangles have to be done.
My challenge with CBD is to have it finished by December 2010, we will see.
It might be only the top finished as it will have to be hand quilted.