Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday Drivers

We are what some people label as "Sunday Drivers" but not the dawdling along the road kind.

As DH sometimes works 6 days a week, we often like to get out for a change of scenery on a Sunday. Even if it is only for a coffee at our favourite nursery.

Sunday we headed up towards Warburton, and stopped off at the Patchwork Teahouse.

I was tempted, but I didn't buy anything.

Spotted this amazing house from the main street.

It reminded me of a gingerbread house.

It was very hot yesterday and the creek was very inviting. Apart from the ducks, the local kids were having a ball cooling off in it. Wish I could have joined them.

One couple were paddling along in their rubber raft, not exactly white water rafting, but hey, they were enjoying themselves.

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