Thursday, January 14, 2010

Whisper Postcards

L. Lisa 7th, Middle Cathy 1st, R. Mine 8th
I participated in a Whisper Postcard Swap with 7 other quilters.
Remember those school days where we played Chinese Whispers, well this was on the same lines.
Cathy sent her P/C to the 2nd on the list and they then made one and sent it to the 3rd and so on. We had to make 3, keep one, post one to the next person and one to the previous person whom we received one from.
From Cathy's first P/C of the branches and bird, this was how it ended up at the end. Mine being the last.
Lisa sent me the daisy and I had to use a colour from that P/C or a theme but it was not to be the same.
How different they all ended up. One P/C was a hot air balloon, 2 were night time scenes and various colour combinations were used.
Looking forward to the next round.

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