Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Not a lot was bought.

The hand embroidered picture reminded me of the yellow Canola fields near where I live.
I visited the Hong Kong Art Gallery, there were 2 exhibitions on, 1 was Chinese porcelain and pottery and the other was Calligraphy and watercolour paintings. They were both amazing. The postcard didn't do the painting justice.
A Christmas decoration, I like to buy one from each place/country I visit and this red ball is another to add to the collection. Plus a few other bits and pieces.
Apart from the usual, Nike runners, clothes etc, perfume etc. I bought some silk brocade from this shop in the Western market on Hong Kong Island. It was a matter of where do I start to look for fabric. The whole 2nd floor was fabric, fabric and more fabric.
I also bought some beautiful cotton, wide enough to make 2 table clothes, a blue (8 seater) and a white (12 seater) one for my daughter's new table. Price of $9AUD a metre.
Now it's a matter of getting the white one hemmed for Christmas Day

Couldn't fit these incense sticks in my bag, so had to give them a miss.
I flew home via Bangkok, they wouldn't let me take more than 100mls of anything on the plane from HK, so they would have been up in arms with the incense.

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