Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Night out with Kris Kringle

Last night was spent with my Quilting group at a Chinese Restaurant to celebrate the end of another year. Our Kris Kringle for 2009 was again, a Fat 1/4 swap, where we each chose the colour to be received.
Inside our handmade gift bags were little wrapped bundles of fabric, itching to be opened.

For last year's KK I chose browns as I had found a bundle of blue/browns that I fell in love with.
Yes I know, Mission Brown, it is back in fashion, I love this combination.
The table was covered with bits of Christmas paper and our ooh's and aah's drew the attention of fellow diners as the 11 of us opened our presents.

So.. I chose BLUE
But not just any blue..... I requested dusty blues.
One friend commented "what sort of dusty blues"?
The quick remedy to that was - a visit to Bunnings for a paint strip. It did the trick and these were the fabrics I received.

A great night out with great friends.

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