Saturday, December 19, 2009

Journal Quilts

As a member of the Internet group Aus-NZartquilts, our monthly challenge for 2008 were A4 size Journal Quilts. We were asked to choose 5 Journal Quilts to be displayed throughout Australia at various Quilt Shows.
Our Journals were returned last week after travelling all over the country.

January - Theme - Seasons
I love this time of year, crisp mornings, blue skies and the leaves changing colour and falling.
St Kilda Road is my favourite place to walk down during Autumn.

February - Theme - Colour & Graffiti
I feel angry when I see trains painted by vandals. The sad thing is, some of these vandals are very clever artists.
There should be a place set aside for them to paint without destroying public property.

March - Theme - Reflections & Memories
I remember as a child picking dandelions and blowing the seed fairies to make a wish. It was a simple game.
Sadly, children don't seem to play as much outside these days.

May - Theme - Recycling
As a child I collected seedpods. I sailed them down our open street drain amongst the tadpoles and I hand fed our 2 wild kookaburras each morning.
I had an amazing childhood in the bush. Simple games kept us occupied for hours on end.

October - Theme - Symbols & Movement
From an organised strip of foundation pieced flying geese to a disorganised piece made up of scraps. From one extreme to the other.
At times I am too organised, I need to break the cycle.
Special thanks to Buffy and Helen for organising the display our Journal Quilts.


  1. These look great Jen - wasn't it nice to see them all again? Merry Christmas to you also. Sue

  2. Your journal quilts are amazing Jenny and your blog is interesting.
    Merry Xmas
    Looking forward to seeing you in May at Bathurst.

  3. Love your quilts. Are you going to join the Friday Flaunters?