Tuesday, July 17, 2018

A Cold Day to.....

...spend in the sewing room after a hair trim and catching up with a friend for coffee at the shopping centre. A rain storm has just blown over.
 January to June SM books.
 This morning covered a second box for the July to December SM books.
 Can't remember when and where I bought this skein of wool for socks, don't know why I even chose the colour!!! The pattern says to start the 2nd sock with the same colour way, I chose not to, more interesting to have 2 different colour way stripes on my feet.
 Bought this book at Winter School, nice to read over a hot cup of tea after making a casserole of Osso Bucco in the oven for dinner.
Gondwana Challenge  12 inch square, No 1 of 4.
Background of used tea bag paper.
No 1 Monochromatic
No 2 3D 
No 3 Macro
No 4 Micro or your choice.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Stitch Meditations

I took a tiny bag of scraps, threads and flannelette squares to Winter School for each day.
A class room, with tables set out, where you can clear out your sewing rooms, studios etc, bring things along and can take for a small donation, which goes to charity.
Approx $750+ were made from "one lady's trash becoming another lady's treasure".
Each one of my SM's were made using tiny little bits of scrap treasures I found among the pile of "stuff." Majority of them were that size and I didn't trim them.
 SM 186
A piece of shower scrubber added.
 SM 187
 SM 188
 SM 189
 SM 190
 SM 191
 SM 192
A tea bag added.
 SM 193
A scrap of rubber matting added.
SM 194

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Fibre Arts Exhibition

Over for another year. Instead of leaving Tuesday morning, I came home Monday night unwell with the start of a cold.

 My class, prints from the 4 of us and Jet our tutor.

  Charlotte SEHMISCH, Germany
Three Dimensional Surface Structures in Felt.

 Sue FERRARI, Australia
Notions of Darning and mending in Contemporary Stitch.

 Kirsten INGEMAR, Australia
Exploration of Sense of Place with Plant Dying, Leaf Imprints and Stitching

Table of Contents
 Megan O'ROURKE, Australia
Changing Colours: An Introduction to Coloured Anodised Aluminium and Titanium Jewelry.

 Judith Gray, Australia
Encaustic Journey 

Unfortunately I didn't get the last class of Fantasy Dolls as my camera battery went flat.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Day 4 - Fibre Arts

Finished my Banksia plate ready for printing.
 1st print, multi coloured.
 2nd print, Sepia.
The print plate after the printing.
 Ginkgo print onto the lace, teacher likes it, I don't!!!!
 Added impasto around edges for something different.
 Sepia print.
 Playing around with a stencil.
Tomorrow will be spent trimming prints and deciding which ones I will display at the evening exhibition.
I have booked in for next year, 
Lotta Helberg USA, "Botanical Bounty: exploring natural mark making".

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Day 3 - Fibre Arts

Woke to a wet, arctic cold and windy morning, it was a good excuse to spend the day in the classroom.
Saturday afternoon, classes finish at 12.45 for lunch with the afternoon free, but the majority of the students return to the rooms and spend the afternoon creating.
 Our new technique for the day comprised of choosing a piece of lace and imprinting it into the board.
 Printed with pink...not my colour....
 Next....etch a pattern, cover with contact adhesive and score around the leaf.
Peel off contact leaving the leaves covered and spray with white acrylic paint.
Peel off contacted leaves. Tomorrow I will print onto the pink lace paper, my teacher suggested I print the leaves in black....will see how it looks.
 My afternoon was taken up with designing a new piece.
I was lucky to pick up some dried Banksia leaves before the rain started.
Centre of flower is a piece of very coarse sandpaper with a strip of rough mesh.
 Photos taken on Cockatoo Island of Banksia.

I scored and etched the needles and later on added several layers of tapes, nail polish and impasto.
Will print tomorrow. Will be interested to see how it turns out.
Also tomorrow afternoon the 2019 tutors and classes are announced, we will have pen, paper and our deposits ready in waiting for which class/s Jeann and I would like to do.
Trial and error.
Too much ink and not enough ink.