Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sunday Football

Spent the afternoon at the Hawthorn vs North Melbourne game at Etihad.
 I usually sit between John and Emma at the game, they decided to behave themselves at this one.

 Disappointing crowd, only 29,000 plus in attendance.
 We beat the Hawks.

A great game, next on the calendar is North vs Richmond, my friend Sue, a one eyed Tiger's fan, is coming along with us. North had better win.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Stitch Meditations

SM 105
Stripes with rusted silk from Marie's swap bag.
SM 106
Underwater Outcrop, clean up rag for background with an added piece of chiffon and stitches.
SM 107
Piece of op shop $1 scarf with striped fabric from Marie's swap bag.
Didn't think about this one, just dove onto the scrap box and pulled out the 2 fabrics.
SM 108
Background of upholstery fabric with an added piece of organza.
SM 109
Strips of Japanese taupe fabric scraps.
SM 110
Pieces from Donalee's fabric swap bag, patterned chiffon over the greens.

Marimekko in Bendigo

Spent the day with 2 friends in Bendigo. We caught the train up before meeting up to attend the Bendigo Gallery to view the Marimekko exhibition.
Established during the golden age of post-war modernism, Marimekko is the Finish textile and fashion company that achieved international fame in the 1960's to 70's with it's bold screen prints and pop art style graphics.
The exhibition traces Marimekko's meteoric rise from the 1950's to the present through it's iconic fabric patterns and unconventional ready-to wear outfits.
With more than 60 outfits of original fabrics, home wares, sketches and other archival materials , the exhibition focuses on the work of the talented individuals who defined this Finnish textile practice and created it's internationally recognisable designs. 

 While Finland and the Scandinavian countries represent Marimekko's traditional base, the company has enjoyed a long association with the United States.
In more recent years awareness of the label has significantly increased in Asia and Australia.   

The best known and popular piece of clothing designed by Vuakko Nurmesniemi is the Jokapoika (every boy) shirt from 1956. It is made of Piccolo printed fabric, designed in 1953 from which hundreds of different colour variations have been created.
As the company's first unisex item, the shirt has been produced in the millions and is said to be particularly popular among architects and academics.  

 After lunch a visit to the Woolen Mills for some wool.

I alighted the train, picked up at Footscray and unfortunately the 20 minute journey home took 1 hour and 45 minutes. Traffic was gridlocked.
Have a wonderful day and if you have the chance, this exhibition is worth a visit.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Stitch Meditations

 SM 100
Upholstery background with an added piece of chiffon op shop scarf.
 SM 101
Linen background with added pieces of silk.
 SM 103
Textured fabrics, white is a piece cut from a packaged shower scrubber received in a hotel.
Blue woven piece .
 SM 103
White piece is cut from trimmed mosquito netting.
SM 104
Upholstery square and french knots.
Bought the squares at the AQC, should have bought a second packet.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Out and About With a List

A day spent in the city yesterday. A few things on my list for the day.
1st was to enquire at Southern Cross of the Bendigo train for an up and coming trip to see an exhibition with friends.

Next - A friend told me about a shop in the Emporium called Muji, I had been past it before and thought, just another clothing shop, she posted on her blog about it's stationary department...I am a hopeless romantic when it comes to paper and notebooks. As well as clothing, kitchenware, bathroom accessories, furniture products etc to browse. 
There is also a store in Chadstone Shopping Centre and Sydney.
 Excellent quality of notebooks at very small prices.
 Loved these little storage hubs.

 The pen stall was surrounded by children buying a school holiday treat.

As I walked out the door noticed this tucked into the corner, part of the old staircase from the Myer Department Store prior to it's refurbishment and update.

 On the list was a tram ride up Sydney Road to Brunswick to buy some Etching Ink and another sheet of paper for a class at Fibre Arts Winter School.
 Some colour to brighten my day.
 A shame that this old facade has been tagged. 
After a search of the street, which added many steps to my Fitbit, I finally found the new art shop at the back of a car park. Interesting wall art next to the shop. Perhaps this zebra has enjoyed one too many at the bar.

 Called into Kimono House to view an exhibition of Indigo Quilts by Maria Cook, excellent work and had a lovely chat with her on Japan and her inspiration. (no photos allowed)
 A busy and enjoyable day, realised at 9pm I hadn't done my stitch meditation, the quickest square of chosen fabric etc and all done within 15 minutes....

Monday, April 9, 2018

Stitch Meditations

Another week gone by.
 SM 93
Fabrics and dyed lace, from Marie's swap parcel, orange sheer ribbon from a bunch of flowers I previously received.
 SM 94
Curtain fabric with Asahi Quilt Bias bought in Singapore.
Now wish I had bought more packets of different colours.
 SM 95
Upholstery fabric, 5inch squares bought at AQC.
Stitch inspiration after chatting to Carolyn Sullivan.
SM 96
Lime green with a piece cut from an op shop $1 chiffon scarf.
Added a little piece of silk.
 SM 97
Another piece of upholstery fabric with chiffon scarf and button added.
 SM 98
Picked out pink and blue fabrics, for a change. Blue embroidered piece from Marie's swap parcel.
SM 99
All from Marie with button braid.