Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Stitch Meditations

 SM 177
Upholstery background with stitched leaves of knitting wool.

 SM 178
Ceramic button bought at Sydney Craft Show with added silk and blue indigo. 

 SM 179
Hand dyed background with hand dyed piece of doily.
Green stenciled paper.

 SM 180
Stitching on background of linen.

 SM 181
Black and White and Reds All Over.

 SM 182
Woven background of hessian with golds.

 SM 183
Curtain background with ceramic button.

 SM 184
Lime green and navy blue.

SM 185
Man's silk tie bought at Op Shop with satin added.


  1. And with that you are past the half-way mark! The year is flying by, as they all do these days.

  2. The buttons you bought in Sydney are charming, I had to look closely to distinguish them from the fabric. Love your stitching on SM180.

  3. Those buttons don't look like buttons! I had to take a double take to see the holes and the stitching. All items are beautiful.

  4. I agree. The buttons match beautifully. Your blocks are still looking very different.

  5. What an interesting variety of blocks. What are you going to do with all of them in the end?