Thursday, July 5, 2018

Fibre Arts Workshop Ballarat - Day 1

This year at Winter School I am taking a 5 day class with Jet James (Australia) on Collagaphy printing on PVC board.
 The process is started by choosing leaves that are dried and have strong lines.
This is Jet's example of how to do the printing.
 He trialed the leaves on his cut out board.
 With the board on top of the leaves, they are rolled through the etching press to make an indented print in the board.
 Ink is then painted onto the surface with the excess wiped off with a piece of plastic or credit card.
Using a page of an old telephone book, the excess ink is rubbed off in a circular motion.
Ready for printing. 
Placed on the etching press once again, with the paper on the inked surface on top, it is rolled through leaving the indented print
My first attempt at the process of collagraph printing.


  1. Wow! How exciting. Now that you have the basics I can't wait to see what you do with this technique.

  2. You are going to enjoy making more of this technique

  3. Wow, great start! The process is fascinating.