Sunday, July 8, 2018

Day 4 - Fibre Arts

Finished my Banksia plate ready for printing.
 1st print, multi coloured.
 2nd print, Sepia.
The print plate after the printing.
 Ginkgo print onto the lace, teacher likes it, I don't!!!!
 Added impasto around edges for something different.
 Sepia print.
 Playing around with a stencil.
Tomorrow will be spent trimming prints and deciding which ones I will display at the evening exhibition.
I have booked in for next year, 
Lotta Helberg USA, "Botanical Bounty: exploring natural mark making".


  1. Looks like you are having a great time... some lovely prints there.

  2. They are all interesting results of your hard work.

  3. Beautiful work. Will you be able to do more like this after the workshop?

  4. Your work is absolutely stunning. I hope to see some of it framed and on your walls.

  5. Fabulous Banksia.