Monday, April 9, 2018

Stitch Meditations

Another week gone by.
 SM 93
Fabrics and dyed lace, from Marie's swap parcel, orange sheer ribbon from a bunch of flowers I previously received.
 SM 94
Curtain fabric with Asahi Quilt Bias bought in Singapore.
Now wish I had bought more packets of different colours.
 SM 95
Upholstery fabric, 5inch squares bought at AQC.
Stitch inspiration after chatting to Carolyn Sullivan.
SM 96
Lime green with a piece cut from an op shop $1 chiffon scarf.
Added a little piece of silk.
 SM 97
Another piece of upholstery fabric with chiffon scarf and button added.
 SM 98
Picked out pink and blue fabrics, for a change. Blue embroidered piece from Marie's swap parcel.
SM 99
All from Marie with button braid.


  1. I think no 94 looks pretty

  2. A bunch of little treasures. Love the outline stitching on 97, just like wandering through a garden.

  3. That's a neat button braid and you have made seven more great cards.

  4. Your weeks seem to fly by the way my weather ones do!

    All the little bits and pieces you incorporate are fascinating.

  5. They are all so different. I can see Carolyn Sullivan's influence in 95.

  6. Once again they are beautiful. Great work.

  7. I loved 94 too. The delicate and bold go well together.