Sunday, April 29, 2018

Silo Art

Wednesday 25 April, 2018 was the unveiling of the ANZAC Silo Art at a little town called Devenish, 41 km north east of Shepparton.
 Wide brown land of harvested crops.
 A blank canvas, wonder if it is on the list for a mural?

 Cam Scale started his career as an artist in early 2000 and is a now a well-renown fine artist and mural painter in Australia.
Cam works primarily with aerosol, oil and acrylic, specialising in large-scale figures and portraits.

 Overhearing the former owner of the pub, she said that since the opening this week, the visitors have been coming in droves. There is a milk bar/general store that is open 7 days a week, other silo sites don't have this facility, so it has been very profitable for the owner.
 The local pub is catering for visitors also.
 Very friendly cattle dog, who came up to me to say hello.


  1. Thanks for all the good photos. I don't imagine I will get there myself to see it in person.

    It is nice that the silo art is bringing some money to the town.

  2. Silos are all that remain of so many rural stations. Good to see some supporting their community in a new way.
    In the late 1800s so many grain growing areas, among others, were funded for branch lines that the Act of Parliament is known as the Octopus Act.

  3. Very happy you got to do the trip. It is amazing to see these works of art.

  4. It is good when art and the local economy walk hand in hand.

  5. It is good to see these silos, art and the local community combine to bring new life to the area.

  6. Silo art is fascinating! I don’t think we have such big silos in Japan... so no art.

  7. S.o glad that you're able to get there to see the silos.