Thursday, April 5, 2018

Australasian Quilt Convention

Even though I didn't feel 100% I went along to the AQC.
Had a lovely day catching up with others and viewing the quilts. 
My highlight of the day was catching up with Chris O'Brien who I was on the Moroccan Textile tour I did last year..
 Journeys in Stitch
by Gillian Travis
Intrepid traveler and acclaimed quilter Gillian Travis, presents Journeys in Stitch, which she has brought with her from the U.K. Inspired by trips to Uzbekistan, India, Sri Lanka, Guatemala, South Africa, Europe, Israel and Jordan, Gillian has created works using applique, machine stitch, paint, print and sometimes hand stitching in her evocative reflections of the world.

 A Retrospective
Carolyn Sullivan
This quilt was about her drive into Canberra, made for the Centennial of Canberra Exhibition in 2013. Highlighting the many images of one place that can be seen when "driving in".

 The Royals
William & Kate, Diana and Princess Mary sparked talented Tasmanian quilter Sarah Fraser's superb creations.   


  1. I can see why you were attracted to the work of the first two quilters. Thank you for highlighting them, I look forward to seeing it all for myself tomorrow. I hope your day did not set you back health wise.

  2. It was good to see you there! I hope you can spend tomorrow in quiet relaxation.

  3. What an amazing display. Love THE ROYALS.. I have a friend travelling down in the morning to see the show. .Are you ok...

  4. Loved the Royals and also the other type of picture-making of Obama. So many people there on Thursday it was hard to move and see things. Lovely relaxing lunch time though outside.

  5. Love those pieces by Gillian Travis. Wishing i could have fitted in a visit to AQC but too much going on.

  6. Gillian Travis's work is so detailed and true.