Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Wat Hanchey Buddhist Monastery

High up on the hill overlooking the river.
Boys as young as 6 choose to become monks. They can leave whenever they wish and eventually can have the desire to marry. They are called by the bell/drum twice a day for meals, 6am and 10.45am. They walk in single file to the eating hall and carry their own bowl and spoon.
After the final meal the day is spent in prayer and school where they learn maths and english.
Their parents do not send them, it is up to the boy and during school holidays they are allowed to visit their families. Due to the only 2 meals a day, the boys are not very tall.
They are not allowed to be touched by females, wear no underwear and if they go out of the monastery must have their shoulders covered.

 Garuda bird

 All the Buddhist temples have the symbol of the snake.

 One of the young boys, aged 15,  showed us how he pleats and folds his robes to cover himself and shoulders.
He is like a cocoon and eventually the robes come down over his head.
He was given some money after he explained his robe and his life. Our guide asked what he would do with the money...he would buy cocoa cola and share with the others!!!
 A gibbon was rescued from his mother and now lives happily in the trees.
 Ball Plant and flower.
 One of the many classrooms and temples.

 The eating room where the monks are called for eating.
 The drum that sounds twice a day for meals.

Meal time.


  1. More amazing carving and patterns. That ball flower is beautiful.

  2. The life of a monk must be very difficult. They are looked upon as very special thoughout in their country and treated with respect. Some of our youngsters could learn a lot from them and the lives they lead.