Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Stitch Meditations

I have doing my little pieces each day.
 SM -78
From left to right....
Leaving Siem Reap, the Park Hyatt Hotel and driving through parched land to the river.
 SM 79
Our first day on the Scenic Spirit ship, the stitching is off the reeds floating down the riiver.
 SM 80
The edges of the river are lined with stick houses with the occasional fish farms made with red netting.
 SM 81
A white surgical mask for the nuns who pleat and fold their robes.
The orange for the monks and gold silk for the roofs of the temples.
 SM 82
High Tea at Raffles Hotel in Phomn Penh.
The outside was covered in hot pink bougainvillea, the teapot came from a tea bag cover. 
 SM 83
Phomn Penh Museum.
The building was the colour of terracotta, reversed side of a Singapore Airlines pillow case.
I bought a stamp, the exhibits were all grey in colour.
 SM 84
We visited a silk factory before visiting a family to show us their farm and market gardens.
 SM 85
We walked the Sa Dec markets.
The squares depict the different stalls.
SM 86
A visit to the Vietnam War Museum, a very sad place.
The lines represent the bamboo jungle 


  1. You have depicted each day's event beautifully.

  2. Beautiful! It's good that you have been able to keep up the meditations even while travelling.

  3. Lovely to have set time to reflect on the day's experiences. The stitchings are most thoughtful pieces.

  4. Love the way the stitchings reflect your feelings from the respective days. Good on you for continuing every day on this holiday.