Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Sa Dec Market

We left the ship to travel up the river to see the local market. Sights of colour and chit chat among the vendor sellers. They were always sitting there with a smile on their faces.
They ask you to take their photos, I tried to not capture their faces.
 The local Catholic church tower, a very high percentage of Vietnamese are Catholic.
 Coming into Sa Dec with the market along the river edge.
 Sadly the locals throw their rubbish into the river, the Government needs to do something about it.

 These large plastic baskets are strapped to the pole and carried on the shoulders.
Also can be balanced on the handlebars of the bicycles.

 If I could get it home I would have bought one of the baskets.

 Very surprised that there was no smell in the fish section. Many of them are alive and swimming in tubs of water.

 Garlic, I counted 11 different varieties.

 The floating market, you can pick one of the  vendors by the bamboo pole above their boats.

 These 2 boys having fun with their kites.
The local casket and coffin maker.


  1. I'm glad I don't have to chose bras by holding them against myself in a public market. I think I would have had to buy the "You can be anykhing" backpack!

  2. I, too, like those colourful baskets.

  3. What were the baskets made from.

  4. Great market images, quite a different world. Those hats should be compulsory for gardeners here, I always forget to put one on.

  5. Norfolk Islanders used to do the same with their rubbish - it went into the sea. That is no longer allowed and we had to sort our rubbish into tins, glass and The Rest!