Friday, March 16, 2018

Orchids and Stitch Meditation

Arrived in Siem Reap, Cambodia via Singapore this morning and was greeted with humidity and heat as the door of the plane opened. Our transfer driver told us a bit of the background to Cambodia.
The main street used to be called Highway 6 as in one direction it leads you to the border of Thailand and it is now lined with 200+ hotels.
65% of of the population works in the hospitality industry.
The fishing industry is slowly dying as the amount of fish species are dwindling.
2 new international airports are planned to be built and finished within 5 years, as they are no longer allowed to fly over the temples.
 Amazing orchid display at the airport.

 Loved this painted lotus leaf.
SM 75
I bought a bag of scraps to continue my squares, will use paper also.


  1. How appropriate to use Fly Stitch!
    Great orchids.

  2. A beautiful beginning to your adventure. Looking forward to each and every post.

  3. Those flower displays are stunning
    Glad you got there safely. Have fun

  4. Love the orchids at Changi!

    Looking forward to the rest of your travels.

  5. What a wonderful floral display at the airport. Pity Tullamarine didn't have something like that!

  6. Changi airport has so much to see. Beautiful floral displays.

  7. I love the orchids in Singapore.