Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Ho Chi Minh formerly known as Saigon

The city is huge, grey and dull in colour with green grass and flowers dotted among it.
Buildings are typically French and beautiful. Spent most of the day wandering while the others went on the Tunnel tour. 
A few sights that I saw.
 The Opera House

 A clothing shop called Ginkgo
 Hand Embroidery Centre
 Pure silk using silk threads.

 View from our window, the garden beds are planted with miniature hibiscus the size of petunia plants..
 These lotus poles are on the street corners in pink and white.
 Beautiful wooden entrance to a clothing shop.
 Not sure what the fountain depicts, not in English.
Interesting  that some of the scooters have little cane children's chairs attached to them for the children. 
 City Hall in the background.
 These cane baskets are an exhibition, not sure what they are supposed to represent.

Saigon Post Office
The Immaculate Conception Notre Damm Cathedral
 The modern side of Saigon, Bitexco Financial Tower.
 Beautiful french architecture
Beautiful handmade quilts (no photos allowed) made by the community.


  1. I love your collections of photos of things you have noticed when out walking. They are a treasure trove of interesting snippets.

  2. A good way to see the city, you found lots of interesting images.

  3. I would not have gone on the tunnel tour either!

  4. I've seen those cane baskets (on TV). So interesting when they are all together like that.