Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Cambodian Transport

All modes of transport.
Can't believe for a poor country, you see Lexus SUV's being driven everywhere.
There are no road rules, at one stage a motorbike came flying up to us and I thought he was going to drive through us to the other side.

 Scenic Spirit

 I got the giggles, by the time we got back to the ship I had slid down to the end of the ox cart!!

 Either my driver was extremely fit...or I am not as heavy as I think I am!!!
We passed everyone else on their rickshaws. he rode at pedal speed in 37 degrees C....

On our way to High Tea at Raffles Phomn Penh.
33 tuk tuks all in a convoy!!


  1. Nice to see those happy smiles. Glad you are enjoying yourselves!

  2. A comprehensive survey of the transport options. The ox cart does look like fun.

  3. That convoy must have been a glorious sight.