Sunday, February 25, 2018

Exhausted and Stitch Meditaions

 SM - 54
Batik torn fabric.
 SM - 55
My colours, I am an Autumn tone person, love the season when the leaves have changed colour.
Gathered silk and orange organza gift ribbon that had a nick out of it, looked like a leaf.
 SM - 56
All Japanese paper stitched on the machine, too fragile for hand sewing.
The black/grey card with a velvet feel to it.
The Cherry Blossom tag came off a gift bag, never throw anything out!!
 Was paid a visit yesterday.
I don't know who was more exhausted throwing and chasing the pig, me or Harvey.
He was asleep in the back of the car before they got to the end of our court.
Not a very good shot by Emma. How do you explain to a dog that those are spiky leaves?
Fascinated by the birds.


  1. Harvey is a bundle of muscle, isn't he?

    I love the autumn colours, too.

  2. Your stitch meditations are gorgeous. Harvey is a big boy now.