Monday, February 19, 2018

Colour You Notice and Stitch Meditations

Sunday, drove to the Travel Show and if you look around there are patterns of colour.
 Burnley and Domain tunnels air vents
 View of this building coming out of the tunnel
 The gold of the Novotel
 SM - 46
 SM - 47
 SM - 48
 SM - 49
SM - 50


  1. I liked your ruffled bits on the forest block. Great blocks with so many differences

  2. I've never seen the Habitat Filter sculpture before. It's an interesting concept. I think it will look better once the vegetation grows more.

  3. Some of your SM blocks are as striking as the architecture you showed here. FAR from the houses you saw in France, eh!

  4. Such interesting buildings. I think the recent bold use of colour in buildings is really refreshing, even though some are quite challenging.

  5. Love the colour and architecture of the air vents. Who would have ever thought air vents would be so eye catching!

  6. What a great variety within the meditation blocks.