Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Roses in Bloom

Spent the morning volunteering at the Rose Garden.
 Red Rose "Fabulous"
White Rose "Altissimo"
 Avenue of "Bridal Pink".
 "Savoy Hotel"
 Pink Rose "Professor Sieber"
Pale Pink Rose "Handel"
 Bed of "Best Friend" 
Weeper Rose "Royal Bossino"
 Avenue of "La Sevillana"


  1. The blooms are very colourful. I hope it was cool this morning while you were working.

  2. The roses look so beautiful. Ours are all a bit scorched and heat-stressed at the moment.

  3. A wonderful second flush as you predicted.

  4. I saw that the temperature in one part of Russia went down to -65C!!!!!! It is good to know how lovely the weather is for your roses.

  5. The Rose Garden looks great! Hope the high temperatures today and tomorrow don't do too much damage.

  6. Having grown up in a rose garden, volunteering is something I always manage to fit in when I go to the states. My dad developed new breeds of roses and it is fun to see them still in bloom somewhere.