Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Roses Are Batty and Stitch Meditation 31

Spent today at the rose garden, a very cold wind but such a relief after this week's heat.

  Jenny and I filled the 2 mats with deadheading cuts, unfortunately the wind came and the blew them off the mats, very annoying.
 There was a loud bang, gave the bats a fright and I caught the tail end of hundreds of them flying overhead. The noise of their screeching was very loud.
SM - 31
Drew out the colour orange today.
Still not getting used to placing and stitching in a straight line, but not allowed to unpick.
On the Facebook group, the SM's are brilliant by other members. Some of them are works of art.


  1. Much better weather for gardening and for the flying foxes. The black print and stitching intensifies the orange - which appears to be one of your prints.

  2. Your stitching are looking lovely. How are you managing to choose matching colourways at random..

  3. YOUR blocks are works of art, too!

  4. Lovely colours today. Is it a reflection of the colours from the roses?