Friday, January 19, 2018

It's Hot and Stitch Meditation 19

I know I was supposed to sit in silence to make my SM 19, but a temp of 42 degrees was just too hot to do it. Sat under the air con, watched the cricket and stitched instead.
Sadly we have lost the majority of our vegetables in the garden, the heat and north wind was too much for them, despite being covered with curtain scrim and mulch.
SM - 19
 I bought a while ago, 2 polyester scarves for $2 each at the Brotherhood Op Shop.
The background is the scarf, with some added Korean fibre paper and triangle of fabric.


  1. Being under the aircon must have been good. It was a very unpleasant day. We spent most of it at Ocean Grove, which was good. At home the power was off for most of the afternoon. Our poor neighbours had no aircon, and looked very frazzled when we got home tonight.

  2. Interesting layers in your stitching today.

  3. Oh wow. Yep we have got heat.. that is an interesting block you have stitched..
    I'll be down your way on Friday.. might be catching up with Vireya. Let me know if you can make a coffee trip.

  4. How absolutely horribly hot! In spite of that you manage to stitch!

  5. Sorry to hear about the veggies. It’s disappointing after so much time and work put into growing them.