Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Stash Busting Change of Direction

The last few days, not being able to leave the house for long, due to tradesmen coming and going, I have spent it at the kitchen bench. My 6 baskets of fabric are slowly dwindling. I have been cutting 2.5 inch squares to put aside for what may be the last quilt I make....for the time being.
I seem to be heading towards textiles, finding it more exciting using paper, watercolour paints, photography and ink pens with a little bit of hand stitching thrown in..
In Barcelona I bought 2 nib pens, can't wait to use them.
I have enjoyed quilting for 34+ years but at this stage don't seem to get the excitement out of a new piece of fabric like I used to. As in the the past, no doubt, I will head back to quilting, but for the time being, collage is exciting me. I have always loved stationary, journals and notebooks.
Reading a friend's blog re what her next stamp carving was to be, I had missed the textile side of things. Shelley Rhode's class at Winter School was the best class I ever did.
And it excited me. Want to head back down that track, also love the work of Cas Holmes.
Not a lot left in 3 of my fabric baskets.
 From this.... these 2.5 inch squares.
Have 3 more baskets to go through.
Going through my kept magazines, came across this Homespun.....
 ...and found this pattern by Vicki Knight.

 I have 2 quilts on the go, hand pieced and they will be kept for the quilting groups I go to.
I don't want to leave the groups as I treasure their friendship.
Spring is on the way.
 Mum's Bearded Iris
 Spring Onions have gone to seed.
 Dutch Iris

 First vase of roses picked.
 Yellow bearded iris are usually the first to flower in my garden, but not this year.
I also have pale mauve and burgundy with brown.
 Not sure what these are called, I don't mind that they have taken over, adds some colour to the front.
Another Salvia
I am not good with names and the labels are long gone.



  1. Great scrappy quilt pattern, it will be very cheery to make.
    The divisions between quilting, textile arts and other collage techniques are becoming more and more blurred. They all influence each other and techniques flow between them. I look forward to seeing the results of your change of emphasis.

  2. Hi i love the pattern of vickie's what a great way to use up your scraps and what lovely plants you have in your garden xx

  3. I think we are born with an urge to create, but with what material might change over time. I know the feeling of wanting to bite into stash and make a 'last quilt'. You have a lovely garden to enjoy, too, now that spring is with you.

  4. Wow, you have roses already, and just today we noticed the first buds starting to appear on ours. Our spring is definitely a few weeks behind yours.

    I'll also be interested to see where your new direction takes you.

  5. Your garden is looking great.