Thursday, October 12, 2017

Slow and Steady

Bathroom progress, 2 walls and floor tiled.
Tiling of 3rd wall, inside 2 niches and around window in progress.
Ceiling, hopefully painted Sunday.
Vanity cabinet and bench top fitted.
Plummer to fit basins and fittings next Friday, his earliest free space.
Electrics and fan etc next week by John, his earliest free space.
Waiting on quote for shower screen, original quote not honoured due to tradesman flying the coup.
Grouting hopefully tomorrow.
Approx 10 gym visits to be added to membership card for 5.30am cold-lukewarm shower.
Extreme Patience needed for another 2 weeks.

Hope he remembers to take out the drying support pieces!
Too late to say the shower could have been slightly bigger, standard size made, may look bigger once screens are in, or an incentive to lose weight.

Did I mention Extreme Patience is needed.......


  1. They are lovely big tiles. The foot niche is a clever idea. It is amazing how much work is needed for the smallest room in the house.

  2. You are being very patient! Tradesmen work to their own timetable. They seem to do a bit at one house and then a bit at another house and so on

  3. Wow. Hang in there... it will be over in no time even though it doesn't feel like it.

  4. It's a frustrating process, especially when you have to live around it.

  5. Very frustrating, but you have travelled the world and been inconvenienced by showers in other countries, too, so you have the patience to hang in there!