Thursday, October 26, 2017

Fabric and Others Clean Up

This morning spent time clearing out stuff and making up my new sets of drawers.

My sewing room wall unit is looking neater, wonder how long it will stay like this?

Most of the "stuff" has gone into these sets of drawers that I bought at the Reject Shop.
Have to wait until tonight, I can't get the wheels on the 2nd set. I have room in the wardrobe for a 3rd set, may buy another one.
Found plastic hooks at Daiso to hang bags of things from the clothing rail.


  1. How neat are you. Now you need to get in and mess it all up.

  2. What a productive day, it looks lovely. Your shelf display says a lot about your interests, love the Qantas pencil cup.

  3. Very neat! Would be good if my studio looked like that. I think I will have to have another cull so I can fit in the journaling stuff I have become interested in.

  4. That all looks very organised. Very nice!