Saturday, September 9, 2017

Tiskiwin Museum

The Tiskiwin Museum exhibits unique works such as textiles, basket works, jewelery, carpets and other things from various regions including the sub-Sahara.

 It is owned by Dutch anthropologist, Bert Flint who also collects art from the Sahara, Morocco and North Africa, which are on display.
 The museum is housed in a large building constructed at the turn of the century, in a Spanish-Moroccan style.

 Beautiful tile walls.
 Steps leading to the upper galleries.

Berber carpets.
Woven basket platters.
The collection is displayed as a journey along ancient Saharan trade routes from Marrakech to Timbuktu and back.
 Beautiful carpets.

 Layout of a Berber tent.

Basketry was amazing.

Woven pieces.



  1. The best textiles you have shown so far. Have you taken inspiration from all the tiles you have seen for your new bathroom?

  2. So much quilt inspiration! I love all the patterns. Those baskets are amazing!

  3. I really like the basketry platters.

  4. I am running out of superlatives! You must be having an absolutely wow of a time.