Sunday, September 17, 2017

Not Another Quilt.....

I decided to take a break from quilt viewing, overload, though I did manage to see all 18 venues except one, covering 38 exhibitions. I took a walk around the village Sainte-Marie-Aux-Mines.
Will post more quilts when I arrive home.
 Lovely lead light windows of the Theatre.
 The Theatre was used as one of the venues for display.

 The Old Dairy Barn venue.
 Asked these 2 Frenchmen if I could take a photo, they were very disappointed after posing, that I only wanted their T-shirts. I asked if they were quilters, no, their wives were and they do all the cutting of fabric for them.
 It was interesting that the majority of quilts were signed on the front, no labels on the back.
 Beautiful village churches used as display venues.
 Tomorrow all will be closed for services of Mass.

 This blue eyed beauty was eyeing off everyone walking past.
He was sitting quietly on the bridge to his property over the stream, locked behind the gate.
 Floor of one of the churches.

 After a long day, sat at the open air cafe, protected from the rain, and ordered a hot cappuccino, not what I expected. While sitting there people watching, noticed the building below across the street.
 It could probably tell a few stories of who had lived there.
Last night tonight. 7.30 am pick up to Strasbourg Railway Station, 2 hour train to Paris Airport.
Late afternoon flight to Dubai then very early morning (after midnight) flight to Melbourne.
Arrive late Monday night and probably won't be worth speaking to...already tired thinking about it.
I hope you have enjoyed travelling with me, many thanks for commenting on my blog.
Until next time.........


  1. It's been a joy to see all your beautiful photos and read your stories. I love all those buildings and little lane ways... Take care and travel safe..

  2. Wonderful! I've enjoyed your trip immensely.

  3. Safe journey home, it has been a most enjoyable adventure. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Signing the front of the quilt may prevent theft. Loved those t-shirts.
    Travelling with you has been an absolute joy. You are sharing the sights of places I will never travel to. Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to post your experiences.

  5. Thanks Jenni. What a memorable adventure! You will have lots of images and memories to think on and file away as you fly home. Safe travelling.

  6. I hope you were greeted upon your return with a taste of spring and a good rest. Thanks for such a good trip I could enjoy from my own sofa.

  7. Your photos has shown a Morocco I did not know about and some more fantastic French scenes.
    Safe trip and take a good rest at home.

  8. What a great walk through the town. Safe trip. C u soon.

  9. I guess by now it's 'Welcome Home'. I've thoroughly enjoyed your travels. I love that your photos look at not just the hit parade of sights. My feet are itching to get going again.