Monday, September 11, 2017

Moroccan Postcards

Finally found a manhole.
The colour Blue
Not sure if this man was also getting milk from the camel, perhaps he was needing it for his tea.
The textile carpets were amazing.

I loved the lacework of the traffic light covers.
The painted elevator doors.
Colours and more colours.
Barrels of flowers and spices for pot pouri .
Menara Garden pond, surrounded by olive trees..
Another elevator door.
 Nhabil, toasting us with a cuppa, our tour guide with one of our local guides.
He was brilliant and went above and beyond to show us the real Morocco.
 The memories of the tile and stucco work.


  1. Another manhole cover to add to the collection. Good work. Love all the geometric designs. MM good today.

  2. A fabulous collection of pictures, you have obviously grown very attached to Morocco and its people.

  3. The traffic lights are amazing! That is really taking the idea of embellishing everything to a new level.

    Thanks for all your photos. It has been amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing Barcelona, now.

  4. Did you collect manhole covers when you were in Japan? I have come across some amazing ones in unexpected places.

  5. Thanks for sharing Morocco with us - and showing us beautiful sights not on the hit list of tourist sites.