Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Good Morning Barcelona

We flew in at lunchtime yesterday and after a quick check in, our 2 hour walking tour of the Gothic area started. Beautiful city with happy smiling faces.
This morning after breakfast, Mardi, Christine and I boarded the Hop On Hop Off Bus Green route.
It was looking up that took my interest. The Gaudi architecture, stunning and so much imagination has gone into it's design. Sorry we have only one more day here before we fly to France. 
 This piece was appliqued.

 For John.

 This new landmark on the Barcelona skyline was added in 2003, Torre Agbar Tower is an enormous bullet-shaped cylinder emerging from the ground and pointing skywards. It's glass surface reflects the colours of the Mediterranean and it is one of the symbols of contemporary Barcelona.

Today was a public holiday, but things were still open.
National Catalunya Day.
Million plus Barcelonians, were to protest at 5pm, they have been seeking independence from Spain since 2012, as Barcelona is the capital city of Catalunya. 


  1. It is the blue sky which attracts my attention. Cold, grey and raining here.

  2. That's a blue sky - there can't be any mosquitos in Barcelona!

  3. So many interesting architectural details you have found in your short stay.

  4. So much architectural interest!