Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A Day at the Co-operative.

 We traveled to the village of Tameslout, approx 30km out from Marrakech to visit the Co-operative.
The ladies made us a beautiful lunch which we enjoyed under the shade cloth in the courtyard.
 There was a French influence with the windows.
 The ladies demonstrated their skill.

 I tried the crotchet using dute string and it was very difficult.
 Fascinated by this lady, She was tying tassels on the edge of the fabric.
She dipped her fingers in the water, rolled with the hands and connected the 2 tassels together.

 Morocco is over run by cats, seem very few stray dogs.
 Some work by the co-op ladies.

 Edging using a form of french knot.
 Another area of the co-op is the weaving.

 One side is smooth, other is carded to make fluffy.
 Winding cotton onto the shuttles.
 Fascinated by the way this worker made the loops, an effective finish to the piece.


  1. I guess it makes sense that there aren't many stray dogs. Mohammed seems to have been a cat person - he declared dogs unclean. So Muslims generally don't keep dogs as pets, they have cats instead. So I'm assuming if there are no pet dogs, there would be no stray dogs either.

  2. Forgot to mention - the Co-op looks like a very interesting place to visit! But it is interesting that it seems to be only the men who are the weavers?

  3. The artisans have adapted their designs well to appeal to a western market. Interesting to see the same weaving techniques that I have been using in my sampler. I may add that version of the looped pattern to my next piece.

  4. So much to see! I think by now my brain would be spinning.

  5. An interesting day. Thecweaving looks lovely.

  6. So many handcrafts. It is just fascinating!