Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Winter School Silver Birch

 Another piece was an interpretation of the Silver Birch tree bark.
 Holes were cut out of the 3 paper layers, offset from each other and covered in plastic so the edges would not matt together. Brown fibrous paper layered over final paper sheet to represent the dark bark.
Rolled for 1.5 hours and then hand squashed and squeezed for 30 minutes. 
 Stitched lines and randomly drew lines while it was wet.
 Covered notebook. I tried to do some pin tucks but it was hard to get the needle through.
 I made a piece of green and yellow paper, turned out lime in colour. Re-wet the piece and added some white to tone it down. Hand rubbed it for a while.
Started some hand stitching but ran out of time, so used it as a sample piece.
 My contribution to our class exhibition.


  1. Your second notebook is terrific, the gingko leaves worked well! The whole class has been very productive, great display.

  2. What a productive class!
    I come from the Kingdom of the Silver Birch and love your paper bark!

  3. You seem to have had quite a productive time at the Winter School.

  4. Just realised I used the same word as everyone else - should have read the other comments first!

  5. What amazingly talented artists-all of you.