Sunday, June 18, 2017

Japanese Taupes

I would love some advice as to what sort of quilt and pattern to make, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have collected these fabrics from 2 trips to Japan.
 This large bag contains the following fabrics.
I also have some silk kimono pieces and several skeins of sashiko threads, cream, white, blues and browns.

 Pre covered 1/2 inch hexis.

 The large brown fabrics on the left, unrolled, like the green and blue rolls above.
 3m piece in blue.
Looks grey, actually cream in colour.
I take the fabrics out of the bag every so often, to try and think of something to do with them.
Thank you for helping me. I look forward to any suggestions.


  1. Here's a 22 minute video on using Japanese taupes:

    If you search on Pinterest for Japanese Taupe Quilt, there are a lot of inspiring ideas. Really you could choose any quilt design you like, and make it in these fabrics, and it would be beautiful.

  2. The scraps would be lovely in a boro piece that could be a bag or a purse, you would use the sashimi thread as well. You may get some ideas on Thursday.

  3. Auto correct strikes again! While sashimi thread would tasty but hard to use, sashiko is more practical.

  4. You have enough to be working for years!
    I would make a wallhanging quilt out of the boro and sashiko pieces, using some of the red and blue (3 m) fabric for borders.
    The hexagons are perfect for handstitiching so you might have to wait for your hand to recover. The same goes for the kimono silk scraps. Hard to stitch by machine.
    I would make a log cabin or star quilt out of the taupe.

  5. You could alternate your borough and sashiko blocks with some plain fabrics and add some Hexies too. Jane MacDonalds quilt is lovely...
    I think it's fantastic you could buy those Hexies already prepared... I'm sure you will think of something lovely. Check out Pinterest

  6. I wish someone would tell ME what to do with my fabric too... I also love the Flying Geese pattern but haven't figured out how to incorporate it in a large Quilt yet...

  7. Looking forward to seeing what you have decided to make.