Friday, May 19, 2017

Seaside d'Arcachon

Located on the Atlantic Ocean, a haven for summer tourists. An ideal environment for shellfish cultivation and birds. A nice change to medieval and old buildings.
The area is famous for oyster farming. 10,000 tons per year.
Walking along the beach front reminded of the movie "Beaches" with Bette Midler
Trays of oysters.
The houses are so different to Bordeaux.

Lovely hand written menu boards, the promenade of restaurants remind me of Sorrento and Portsea, on the Mornington Peninsular.
This piece of art, a whale's tail is just off shore at the beach.
Sand carvings. 

They don't have the red flags to swim between.
A green flag is for safe.
Yellow for take care, it could be choppy.
Red for do not swim.
Can't see John in these!!!
Shopping arcades for the rich and famous.

You see everyone carrying their bread sticks, it is an accessory to a handbag.

The weekly market was on, remember these zipper bags, seems they are back in fashion, including sun hats.
Tasted these baked little cakes, yum, 6 for 2 euro, but the bag contained 11 cakes?
Shared them around.
One of the shopping strips, in summer I am sure, would be packed with tourists.
City Hall, loved the glass art work of the candy sweet.

Interesting toaster.
The Casino for the rich and famous, needed a passport to go in for a look, we didn't take ours, but others did, said it was quite tacky inside.
Cute railway station, looked like something you would see in Disneyland.
Sand sculpture gorilla was creepy, the eyes followed you.


  1. We loved Arcachon. Rob befriended a dog (Cora) on the promenade and she loved his ball throwing. Seafood meals are great here. Did you get to the Dunes de Pyla which is south of Arcachon?

  2. That glass-fronted building with the old building printed on it is interesting.

  3. The food looks great. Love the breadsticks with cheeses. I think that the glass lolly looks fantastic.

  4. Loved the toaster. Maybe I should get out the lumiers paints!

  5. Looks all set for the summer holidays, you timed it well.

  6. When you look at these picture in a couple of years' time, will you remember what you see?

  7. Rather nice to get pictures without having to fight crowds.