Thursday, May 4, 2017

Rouen - the city of a hundred spires

 Joan of Arch
 Place of her stake burning. 
 Church of St Joan, architecturally designed to represent the tail of a whale.

 Gros Horloge
"The Great Clock Tower" (1527), shows the moon's phases.

 Gargoyles were placed on the buildings in times when they did not have guttering.
The water would flow off the roof and down them, onto the street below.
Monet rented one of rooms at the front to paint the Cathedral, which is opposite it.
 Rouen Cathedral of Our Lady
 Claude Monet was fascinated by this church and painted his Impression, Sunrise in 1872.
 Crossing and Chancel.
 Beautiful stained glass windows.

 Came across a little haberdashery store, 4 reels of the tiny threads came home with me.
At first we thought they were thimbles.


  1. In 1967 I arranged to meet a friend in Rouen cathedral. She was coming from Greece and I was coming from England. No mobile phones then, so we said if necessary we would leave a note under the left candlestick. Just as well we both turned up as there were more than two candlesticks and they were huge!
    Loving your blog!

  2. Lovely pictures! Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

  3. Love the Cathederal. So much history here. An amazing day for you,

  4. The modern Church of St Joan is fascinating. Had to go and read more about it.

  5. It is a must for me to visit a haberdashery in any foreign place I visit. It is so interesting to compare what is on sale. The thread you bought, was it for bobbin lace?

  6. Lovely photos Jenni. We didn't go to Rouen - we sort of avoid the big cities, but if it has a haby store, then I might have to put it on the list.