Saturday, May 27, 2017

Quiet Photo Day

Plans for a day trip to Vannes went out the window, traffic was a nightmare, stopped and then started.
Decided to turn off the highway and head to a little coastal town, boy were we in for a shock.
 Looking from our window towards the green pond. Waking to another hot day 35.
Googled a laundromat, pleased to have found that they have one of this brand in a lot of the towns.
Hung the washing in the back of the car and it dried.
Paddocks next door to our Abbey were being ploughed for seedling planting.

 Side trip ended in a coastal town called Arzon.
 A commune located at the extremity of the Rhuys peninsular in the Morbihan department in the Brittany region in northwestern France.
 Beautiful boats worth a fortune. There is something lovely looking at white boats against a blue sky. There were so many people, it seems when the sun comes out, so do the French population.
Finally found a car park, ate a pizza for lunch watching this view of the harbour.
No roses today, a nature strip of red poppies.


  1. Ahh Summer. Wouldn't be hard to wake up to views like that everyday.

  2. I consulted my resident Catholic(Bill) and he said Thursday 25th was Ascension Day and a public holiday so no wonder the traffic was awful, however the boat harbour must have made it seem better.

  3. I love the view of all the yachts.

  4. Very hot when you are trying to get around and see things. Lovely to sit by the sea and enjoy the view.

  5. Hard to imagine 35 degrees when it is 8 here at the moment.