Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Monet's Garden in the Spring.

Monet (1840-1926), the eccentric artist and his married mistress set up house in Giverny in 1883.
They resided here for over 40 years. He was a protagonist of "plein air" (outdoor) painting.
 Looking towards his home over the Lily Pond.

Looking over the Lily Pond from the Japanese Bridge.

 Artificial Garlic flower

 Poppies the size of bread and butter plates.

 Monet never planted tulips to flower at the same time as his iris.
 The garden bulb planting starts with yellows at the bottom of the garden, through to pinks, purple and blue as you head towards the house.

Overlooking part of the garden from Monet's bedroom window.


  1. The gardens are just superb and would be worth visiting at different times to see the changes.

  2. Not too long till 150 years from his going to live there. It's amazing that the garden has been there for so long. The tranquility seems to show in the photos. Great work Jenni.
    PS The ballet was fabulous today.

  3. How wonderful to see it with all the spring flowers!

  4. Gorgeous gardens. No wonder he was inspired to paint.

  5. If I had a garden like that, I would probably be painting pictures too.

  6. If I had a garden like that, I wouldn't have time to paint, or quilt!

  7. Beautiful photos Jenni! Just love the one that has a crescent of white and pink tulips, could almost fall into it.