Saturday, May 13, 2017

Market Flowers and Ducks......

While I walked the Libourne town, John went to Bergarac and to sample foie gras.
Half timbered houses.

"Old Bridge", one of the 22 bridges crossing the Dordgone River
Cyrano de Bergerac (1619-55), the long nosed heroic swordsman, with an uncontrollable temper and author made famous by the play of the same name by Edmond Rostand (1897).
Unusual door knocker.
He saw this bird nest in a lamp.
Walked through the indoor market.

Giant dragon fly.

Flood levels.

Ducklings..... 12 weeks of age.

 Confit duck legs.
He saw some beautiful roses.
 Moored at Libourne with the spire of the gothic Church of St John, an historic landmark.
 Tiled floors of the side chapels of the church.

Spent my time walking the Libourne market, which is on 3 days a week.

Love these shopping baskets.
French gardeners do not start planting their seedlings etc until 12th of May.

The market had a fabric and haberdashery stall, I didn't buy anything, just looked.


  1. Lovely floor tiles. Is there a quilt coming up from them? Why May the 12th for the seedlings. Is there a specific anniversary of something on that day?

  2. I loved the tiled floors and the lovely market photos.

  3. Trust a quilter to take pictures of tiled floors! Tempting market!

  4. Loved the tiles and the baskets. How strong you were not to purchase anything at the haberdashery stall. I am doing a lot of walking with you on this trip and getting very tired. Your stamina amazes me. xx

  5. The market stalls look fantastic. We always wander through the local markets when we come across them. It is interesting to see what is in season and what is different to home. And some of them have fantastic displays. I'm also quite taken with the tiled floors.