Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Magical Evening

Place de la Bourse, formerly the Royal Palace, flanked by the Place du Parliament at dusk with the reflection pool in the foreground. The pool is a flat surface that every 30 minutes a mist of water is realesaed and wets the surface.
The mist.
 Looking back at a new road bridge that has been built.
At 10pm, the Captain of our Scenic Diamond ship, sailed the ship from the dock and took us up the river to give us an opportunity to photograph the city of Bordeaux.
A magical warm evening listening to Mozart, Andre' Bocelli and Sarah Brightman playing over the speakers.

 Cathedral of St Andrew.
The foreshore.
 Pont de Pierre bridge alongside the Church of St Michael.

Have no idea how this photo was taken,.


  1. You had the perfect vantage points for great photos of reflections. The misting of the pavement at the Bourse is magical.

  2. The city looks beautiful at night.

  3. Surely this is a box of jewelry!

  4. The photos give a wonderful glance a the city. Loved the reflections of the Palace.