Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Finally Found a Quilt!!!

Sunset on the Garonne River
Chateau de Myrat at Sauterne, a family owned vineyard where we tasted sweet white wines.

The elderly uncle placed this old clock in the barrel room to show that it takes time to make wine.
This quilt of the family crest was in another barrel room.
Poster of the wine label.
Walked into the tasting room and this quilt was on the wall.
Made by one of the picker's mother.
Lovely to see 2 quilts.

This Chateau is owned by a gentleman who has the company LMH.
L=Louis Vitton
M=Moet Champagne
H=Hennesey Whiskey

After the wine tasting we visited the medieval town of Saint-Macaire.
One of the three gateways to enter the village.
The village owes it's name to a Greek monk, Makarios, who turned up in the area in the early 5th century with the aim of converting the people.

The hand painted ceiling of the Church of St Sauveur and St Martin.
Due to the village having small houses tightly compacted side by side, there is no room for a garden as we know it, flowers are planted in a tiny strip against the front walls.

France is in the season of rose growing at the moment. Some beautiful blooms and perfumes.
Flanders poppies grow wild.


  1. Such beautiful scenery. Looks like a great trip.

  2. Regardless of the fact that you are both still having a 'tipple' there are still very interesting photos. Where you thinking of collecting those corks? The work on the tasting room quilt is beautiful. Loved the painted ceiling and the door accessories-they seem to be taking over from manhole covers!!

  3. Loved the arched walkway/road? Fantastic to see the quilts displayed around the winery.

  4. Such a photo gallery you are treating us to every day.

  5. Lovely Jenni. We're getting a great tour sitting at home in our recliners. :)

  6. Hard to imagine how violent times were for a village to be so huddled together inside the walls. Thank you for the cat, a lovely coat pattern.

  7. Thank you again for your pictures. I have been to Brodeaux once but I should definitely go back!

  8. For some reason this post didn't show up in my blog reader until today - 3 days later. Glad I didn't miss the quilts altogether!

  9. Yeah! You found a quilt! The kitty looks very healthy and happy. The sunset is beautiful!