Saturday, May 20, 2017

Cognac with a Drop or Two

The weather turned from sunny and hot to cold and raining overnight.
Hunted for the umbrellas and beanies in the cases.
Cognac is not only the capital of the liquor but an interesting small town.
 A visit to the above Cognac house.
(no photos allowed in the barrel rooms due to the vapor given off)
The youngest barrels in the Louis 13th cellar are 100 year old.
Vapor given off per year is approx 3%  which equals 1.9 million litres.
 In each warehouse there are approx 6,500 barrels of Cognac.
 Top of the range, the glass bottles are made by Baccarat, this bottle sells for 2,600 euro.

We sampled 2 Cognacs, to appeal to non-Cognac drinkers, suggested drinking with an ice cube.
I don't drink it, John does, and it did taste better with ice.
We drank, then were given an appetizer of Rockford Mousse on toast, then told to sip again,  completely changed the taste.
The 2nd sip without ice, then given a passion-fruit macaroon with chocolate filling, then sipped again, taste was completely different.
My day was made, stopped under a ginkgo tree.
 King Francis
 Beautiful stained windows of the Church of Eglise Saint-Leger.
 The Tudor Rose is a symbol of Cognac.

 Hand painted columns.
 16th century half timbered houses.

Survivor of the medieval defenses is the squat gateway, the 15th century Porte Saint-Jacques, whose 2 round towers face outward over the River Charente.

 House of Hennessy Cognac.


  1. So how many of those Baccarat bottles did you buy?

    That looks like quite an old ginkgo, too!

  2. All that sipping was for medicinal purposes only, to ward off the cold.

  3. I think alcoholic drinks should be drunk with something to eat or at leas nibble on. As you say, the taste might change totally.

  4. Interesting how the taste changes with what has been eaten. Must try it some time.

  5. Such an interesting variety of buildings and houses.