Monday, May 8, 2017

Cliffs of Etretat

While I was at the textile Museum, John took the excursion to the cliffs.
Docked at Caudebec-en-Caux (Country of Chalk), the bus drove along the shoreline.
The cliffs are of limestone and over the years have been slowly falling into the ocean.

 The Normandy cows are known as "Sunglasses Cows" as they have dark circles around their eyes.
 Tourism Office
 I enjoy taking photos of doors, door knobs etc.
Have trained John well as he took some for me.
 The chalk cliffs were the subject for many Impressionist painters.
Erosion has formed arches.

The Church at the top is dedicated to lost sailors.
 The beach is pebble with a sign, "please do not remove".
 Atlantic Gull
Citroen  car rally

 The Town Hall
Typical house


  1. You have trained John well! Very interesting photos - I wouldn't have known that you didn't take them.

  2. Yes Vireya, I thought John had been well trained too. I loved the blue door, house number and typical house. Thanks, John.

  3. Love the Citroens - the French make great cars.

  4. Great photos again. Is this near Dieppe? bringing back some great memories.

  5. Love the door. So much Iron Lace in Europe - love it.